Four weeks and counting….

This has sat in front of my house for over four weeks.  This past weekend was four weeks exactly.  I believe all grass underneath that pile is thoroughly dead.  Not sure who has been contracted to do it, but they need to get after it.

On another note, my neighbors across the street are friendly with the trash men.  More than once I have seen the trash truck parked in front of their house and the driver outside shooting the breeze on the porch.  I guess what really disheartens me most about it is when I see the trucks on the side of the road, men outside chatting with their friends instead of doing their job, I know it is costing the city money and residents irritation.  I know it is probably a thankless job, but nevertheless, a job. 


***Update:  Now, thanks to this sitting so long, people have taken the liberty to dump chairs, trash and all sorts of other things on top of the limbs.  Argh!

***8/2/10 Five weeks later, it is gone!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking this stuff up!!!!!!

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