Alexandria City Truck 1301

Upon closer perusal, I note that the truck parked in front of my neighbor’s house periodically is not a regular trash truck.  It appears to be a special trash truck, maybe for special pick ups.  Not sure.  Anyway, they were parked in front of my neighbor’s house today, talking to him.  My neighbor went in and out the house several times and then finally brought the driver a tennis racket.  I noticed them at 11:35, not sure how long they had been there already, and they pulled out at 11:55 a.m.  To his credit, the man sitting in the passenger seat was eating.  Apparently it was HIS lunch break.  Not sure about the driver (he stood outside the truck the whole time he was here, not eating, so can’t say he was on his lunch break), or why they were in front of my neighbor’s house again.  In all fairness, it may be their lunch break and this is where they land.  I sure would like to know, especially after tree limbs and yard waste sitting in front of my house going on five weeks now.

Truck 1301 parked in front of my neighbor's house

The driver of the truck hanging out

 My neighbor is in the doorway

My neighbor on the left talking to the driver, gave him a tennis racket

My neighbor hanging outside the truck door


5 thoughts on “Alexandria City Truck 1301

  1. Where I live we have a truck with a lift arm that picks up trash in the big provided containers. We also have a truck that picks up trash not in the big container. Plus we have a truck that picks up recycling and a truck that picks up yard waste in barrels/bags. Also, where I live, during the first half of the month, theres a truck with chipper that comes around and picks up brush. The do other parts of the city during the last half of the month. If works best if you have your brush out by the 1st, because you never really know when they’re going to come by. If you put it out after they’ve gone by, it will set there until they next come back down your street. If it works like this in your city, you may have just missed them. None of the trucks here will pick up the others stuff.

    I suppose the next time you see them across the street you could just ask them to pick up your brush or how to get your brush picked up.

    • A contractor picks up the brush….supposedly…and they do not have a set schedule. I think five weeks is long enough to sit out there…what do you think? If they do not come back to our area within a five week time frame….well, that’s just pititul. We do not have any curbside recycling program here…we have to bring recyclables to a drop off point, which I am excited about, that’s better than not having a recycling program at all. Our trash gets picked up twice a week and I have no issues with that. The issues are with the brush and leaves pick up. I am not sure what purpose the truck pictured has. It appears to have a regular trash route. The truck that normally comes by to pick up brush has a crane or some type of thing-a-mabob that picks up the limbs. So, I am pretty sure this is not it. However, since these men seem to have a lot of time on their hands to waste, maybe they should be detailed to do the limb pick up.

  2. When I have trash in the form of limbs, etc. The city picks up with a truck with a lift arm on it. There may be two small limb’s but normally they lift them with the boom attached to the truck and place them in another truck to haul to dump. It takes them 15 miinutes to do this. They could cut their pick up time in half by just picking up the small limbs and tossing them in the refuse truck. But they seem to enjoy playing with the boom and messing up the yard..

  3. Just put up a sign, saying the trash has been there for (x) weeks. If you do not like it call the city dept of sanatation and is the number..etc.

    • This is a good idea! It is still out there, piled up with other people’s junk, and I think it is about time for a sign!

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