Thursday at 1:24 p.m.

All right, so I admit it, I am a nosy old broad.  Unfortunately, the way my mind works, I cannot get something out of my head until I reconcile it one of two ways.  1: That it makes sense, factual sense; 2. The mystery gets solved.  So, what is truck 1301 doing in front of my neighbor’s house at 1:24 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon?  The driver (not my neighbor), retrieved a blue ice chest from the porch, stuck it in the back of the truck, then got back in the truck and drove away.  Is my neighbor ministering to the trash men by providing respite and water?  Is he perhaps peddling drugs?  Are they friends?  Is this the end of their route?  If so, then why do they arrive here at different times during the day?  A different truck picks up our regular refuse on Monday and Thursday and it is early in the morning.  I note that our trash was picked up early on Thursday, so this truck was not there to pick up our trash.  Yes, I am too nosy for my own good.  Maybe when summer is over and Vivi and I both go back to school, I will be more consumed with my studies rather than the strange goings on of the trash men of Alexandria… 🙂  Until then, I will just obsess about it.  

The time

The blue ice chest

The truck number

The driver

I can’t help but laugh at myself.  I am reminded of old black and white movies where old ladies watch their neighbors through lace curtains thinking the worse and imagining bodies being hauled off and evil things afoot.  Then it all turns out to be perfectly innocent in the end.  Which is probably the case here.  Still…it has me curious…. 🙂

Since I have not renovated much in a while, I need to change my name from perpetualrenovator to obsessed-trash-man-watcher!  Ok, enough of this absurdity!  Its getting late.  Gotta go to bed!


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