The ugliest kitchen in the world

I am transferring photos from my old computer and I finally have realtor walk through photos to share.  These were taken in 2006.  I will only share the kitchen ones.  The dining room ones will be in the next post.  I finished painting my dining room today (ouch my sore back and neck), so I will show the evolution of that room.  I am also saving the sharing of the bathroom photos for an upcoming post sharing the details of the remodel of the bathroom.

Here is what it looks like presently.

And, here are the very scary kitchen pictures. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believe mentioned in a previous post that we pulled up carpet in the kitchen to find the black and white tiles.  I have HATED these tiles.  They are chipped, not glued down, and just look plain dirty no matter how much you scrub them.  We already bought some nice laminate to lay…soon…hopefully…

Its a wonder, looking at these pictures, that we ever bought this house in the first place!  lol….its enough to scare anyone.  Many people talk about our house being haunted.  I can’t ever say I have been scared of a ghost, rather, some of the ugliness, in the beginning, was enough to give me a heart attack!    For instance, the living room was painted a cheery in-your-face egg yellow.  Some mornings, when we first moved in, I would get up and make a cup of coffee and venture into that room to sit down and suffer a shock just by sitting in that horrendous room.  I am glad those days are behind me.

Well, good night all!


5 thoughts on “The ugliest kitchen in the world

    • It was definitely not stencils! It was freestyle painted on there. My favorite is the burgundy damask with the RED countertops….ooh ooh or the red plastic handles on the cabinets! Classy!

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