Remodeling supplies taking over the house

One day, I am going to reclaim all of my catchalls and cabinet space.  It seems that the paint cans and screwdrivers creep in one by one from the shed and never make it back to the nice cozy home we made for them on nicely organized shelves.  In an effort to keep all of the various “things” from being left in the house, Steven and I, last Spring, spent an entire Saturday sorting everything into rubbermaid containers and Vivian labeled them all for us.  Unfortunately, this has not stopped the items from encroaching.  Just like unruly kids, I already have had to chase the caulk out of the bathroom….

I am trying to coax the nail gun from its resting place in the hall, but the ladders are rooted to the floor and wont budge.  Hmmm…..



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