Am I the only strange one?

‘Tis true, I tend to overthink and overanalyze most things.  Or, as I would like to think, I am just more aware of my surroundings and look at things for what they are rather than what is trying to be portrayed.  For example, there is a new place opening on Jackson Street on the corner of Bolton Avenue and it is going to be called the Eskimo Hut.  I thought that was pretty funny when I passed by.  My husband totally didn’t get the joke (albeit the joke was in my head).  Eskimos are a cold weather people.  I wouldn’t think that huts would suit their needs.  So, therefore, I would never put the words Eskimo and hut in the same sentence.  Huts are indigenous to tropical climes.  Yes, yes, I looked the business up and see that it is going to be a daiquiri shop, so ESKIMO=cold daiquiri and HUT=tropical, hawaii, relaxing, etc.  But, I still think that Eskimo Hut sounds ridiculous and is an oxymoron.

Speaking of oxymorons, I was flipping through a catalog and I spied an advertisement for a “Mission Style Leather Chair”.  Hmmm….the whole point of the Mission style is bare minimal functionality…adding leather too it kinda glams it up a bit, don’t ya think?  Leather, to me, adds a plush and expensive element to a style that is supposed to be neutral, completely undermining the true style of the chair.  Yes, (sighing), I know.  I think waaaay too much!

I delight in oxymorons and I am an avid collector of them.  Not sure why they strike me so funny.  I think it is because most people unwittingly create oxymorons and it tends to have a hilarious, sometimes ludicrous, outcome. At least it is funny to me.

If someone has similar humor, please post your favorite oxymoron in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Am I the only strange one?

    • Lol…yes. I do wonder about the “organized religion” one as well. I think it has its pros and cons. It is good to have a common goal and a group of people working for the same purpose…and organization has power. But, sometimes the organization can wield the wrong type of power.

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