This is a follow up to my last post.  The only thing I like better than a good oxymoron are occurrences of irony.  What kills me though, is when people use the concept of irony interchangeably with something they feel is coincidental or providential.  Argh!  I usually do not argue with such a person. If they are carelessly misusing the word, then I am sure they are not interested in an English lesson.  I have tried explaining though, honestly I have.  In the past, I have advocated for proper use of numerous words…all I am greeted with is a blank stare.  So, waste of breath, in my opinion.

The definition of irony, according to the Dictionary, is as follows:

1. humor based on opposites: humor based on using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning

2. something humorous based on contradiction: something said or written that uses humor based on words suggesting the opposite of their literal meaning  (Sounds like an oxymoron, eh?)

3. incongruity: incongruity between what actually happens and what might be expected to happen, especially when this disparity seems absurd or laughable

4. incongruous thing: something that happens that is incongruous with what might be expected to happen, especially when this seems absurd or laughable

Here are some really funny pictures.


Note that these books are by the same author.


WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….this is a tribute to the persons mentioned above who like to use coincidences to explain something ‘ironic”





ROFL……and, last but not least, my personal favorite:

Yes, folks, it happened again this year!



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