Could it be?

I visited with a good friend at the Kent House today.  I shared some geneology documents with her regarding the Hynson and Ringgold families.  They were kind enough to let me take a picture, with my digital camera, of Sarah Hynson Ringgold (the builder of my house and last owner of the Kent Plantation) so I will have it to go along with all of the documents about her.  As far as I knew, this was the only one in existence in Cenla.  I am sure some of her family members have retained pictures of her.  What is interesting though is that I bought a packet of black and white pictures from Miss. Lily’s Antiques about four years ago, and among them was the second photo.  I like old pictures and think it is sad that they end up in a flea market or antique shop.  Someone did not care enough to pass on their family heritage….or maybe other things came to pass for them to end up there…regardless…

Could this be Sarah Hynson Ringgold?  The two women favor….is it a younger Sarah?  She was blind so that may account for why: A. She was not looking straight at the camera and; B. Why she does not look so solemn like many other portraits of that time.  I am going to try to find out when the first picture was taken so I can date the second one and see if it could possibly be Mrs. Hynson….a mystery to be sure!

Sarah Hynson Ringgold

Sarah Hynson Ringgold

Could this be Sarah Hynson Ringgold?

Could this be Sarah Hynson Ringgold?

 I also know Sarah had two daughters and several grandchildren.  I will also have to research to see if two of her grandchildren were born around the same time.  I am having a hard time dating this photo.

Are these two women one and the same?  Or not?  Help me solve the mystery. 


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