Nothing like a 6 year old to make you feel stupid

Its 15 mom...

Ok.  So, Monday I started working on my Science assignment for this week.  I read some of the problems, answered the ones I could and then put off the ones I needed to understand a little bit better before answering.  I read one of the questions that was stumping me out loud yesterday to Steven to see if he knew what calculation I needed to make.   It was about Relative Motion.  I understood the whole fixed object thing.  Steven was not sure either, so I emailed the instructor.  Vivian looked at me after I read it and said “15”.  I said “oh ok Vivian, (whatever)” 🙂 

Today, after receiving the formula I am supposed to use, I drew a diagram using the word problem and figured out the relative velocity.  Do you know what the answer was????????????????  15!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes, it was 15.   After pondering it for 3 days, emailing the instructor, drawing it out on paper and doing the calculation, I came up with 15.  Three seconds after I read the problem to her yesterday, Vivian came up with 15.  What is wrong with this picture????  I am going to quit college and send her.


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