Big Life Announcement: We are adopting!

Yes, this is a big announcement!  Steven and I (and Vivian!) have decided to adopt.  We have talked about it many times.  We have finally decided to go ahead and take the leap of faith to get the process rolling.  If anyone knows of someone or has adopted before, you know that it is a long process and it is also expensive.  Please check out our new blog chronicling this process at:

If anyone is interested, we will soon be listing items that will be available for purchase to help us offset the cost of adoption.  Thanks to everyone who has wished us well!  We are very excited and cannot wait to welcome another child to our home!


2 thoughts on “Big Life Announcement: We are adopting!

  1. So excited for your family!!!! Even though all my sweethearts are home, I get so excited about someone else expanding their family through the miracle of adoption! Let me know if I can help you in any way!


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