Before and After Bathroom

Ok, yes, so it has been since May that I have worked on this silly bathroom.  We worked on small pieces at a time.  We had to tear out the bathroom surround, level the floor, put down tiles (they will have to do for now- on a college girl budget), create a vanity (yes we did, from an old 1950’s Sears sewing table), put down the baseboard shoe, caulk everything up and then paint the trim white (was ivory).  I put up two mirrors I had in the attic and, voila, here you go!

Yes, I always mix gold/silver/wood/brown/black/white.  I go for the lived in shabby chic flea market look. 


Pulling out all the old

AFTER old moldy sheetrock and surround gone, new shower surround put in!



After - these mirrors came from the attic. Needed to see...looking for a nice black frame plain mirror.

AFTER- this mirror needs to go, anyone want to donate a black framed one???

I had some bird decals left over from my dining room project and thought they would look good here.  However, my brother teases me about having legless birds…..

I know I won’t win any BGH awards or anything, but my feet are happy that they do not have to walk on nasty plywood anymore.  My feet are enjoying the nice plush red rug placed in front of the tub.  My eyes appreciate this redo just as much.  Until the day we can create a larger bathroom, this will just have to do.


One thought on “Before and After Bathroom

  1. All right…the consensus is…the mirror has got to go. I agree. It was in the attic and I needed a square mirror. Currently looking for a black square one. Donations are accepted.

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