KITCHEN: Death to the wall of cabinets

Ripping out the cabinets, Steven and Vivian taking the doors off

My kitchen is to’ up.  In a previous post, a waaaay previous post, we talked about redoing the kitchen this fall and we also showed the new flooring for the kitchen.  Our goal was to have it all completed by Thanksgiving.  So far, so good.  Steven started ripping out the old flooring, you know, the one where we played puzzles with and that my dog liked to chew.  I think I would prefer plywood to this ugly floor!  Here are pictures of the realtor walkthrough and also what it looked like recently, before we started tearing it up: Click here.

Then he started taking the cabinets down.  It started out as one cabinet and then it appears that it has been added to through the years until we had a wall of cabinets.  After taking the cabinets down and pulling up the floor in the area, we discovered two things.  1) that there used to be a wall right there which was probably a butler’s pantry and it also had plumbing at one time, so it may have been a laundry room at one point to.  For anyone who does not know me, or has not been to my house, we do not have a laundry room.  The washer and dryer are in an alcove where my butler’s pantry is supposed to be. 

The washer and dryer are where the cabinet is supposed to be

But my butler’s pantry is just floating over here. 

Butler's pantry/cabinet

My heart’s desire is to put the cabinet back where it goes and create a laundry room. 

This is kinda rough.  But, it gives you a general idea of where I want to put the laundry room.  We would frame up the wall floor to ceiling, the door would be on this wall.  Then where you see the green original beadboard wall, that would be open so you can pass through that little hall easier.  I will probably have a large chalkboard on that side of the new framed up wall.  I also plan on exposing the original beadboard on that wall, as well as the wall that joins it to the left.

Right now I have to wash/dry and put all the clothes on the dining table to fold.  It is very inconvenient and I don’t like it.  I like being organized with a place for everything.  Having all of my clothes out on the dining room table, all the time, just gets my goat.  Oops, I forgot to tell you what the second thing we discovered is.

2) That our water heater valve thing-a-ma-bobbin (ask Steven) is corroded and is leaking behind the wall, which in turn was leaking into the kitchen, which in turn caused a lot of mold in the floor and wall.  Yay!  So nice to discover.   We pulled up the flooring and plywood to discover that the original floor was soaked.  I guess because it is wood, it soaked in the water and we never saw it.  Good thing we are discovering it now!  I am glad that we ripped up the old plywood too, otherwise, we may have put down the new flooring without ever discovering the water leak….until it ruined our floor that is….or we fell through on our way to the coffee pot….

Mostly gone

You can see in the lower right corner of this picture where there used to be a wall.  We decided to put the wall back up.  It won’t span the entire length of the wall.  It will stop about 2 feet short to allow a little more room to pass through to the dining room.

Here is a closer picture:

Where a wall used to be in the kitchen

The original floors are covered in tar paper.  Not sure why.  But, that is what all that black is.  It is not the mold I talked about previously.  That was all in a small area under one cabinet.   So, in the near future, I will have updates on us framing up a wall for the laundry area, moving the cabinet  back to its original spot and new flooring for the kitchen.  I am excited!

On another note, Vivian graduated from painting to using power tools 🙂  She wanted to help, so Steven let her use the cordless drill to take the pulls and hinges off of the cabinet doors.

What am I going to do with this child?

All the while, it appears that I was studying for midterms and then trying to take a nap.  But, alas, there is no rest for the weary.


3 thoughts on “KITCHEN: Death to the wall of cabinets

  1. That tar stuff on your floors looks like adhesive used to hold down linoleum. Yours looks much easier to remove than ours :). As a warning, it probably has asbestos in it. Not a big deal unless you plan on sanding it down.

  2. My husband and I, after taking all that stuff down, looked at it and are almost positive that it is FULL of asbestos. So, he quickly cleaned up and is not doing any more tearing out til we leave the house and he gets his respirator out.

    Since the original floor is so bad, plus the original wall running through and holes cut out for plumbing here and there, we are going to put new plywood down and then lay our laminate.

    The part I am really scared of is taking down the sheetrock and all those asbestos filled boards on the wall…ewwww….no telling what we will find!

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