Recycle Altoid Tins

Ok, I am a sucker for a great recycle and this was just so cute and easy to do: Making Mini Toolboxes from Altoid Tins.   I am reposting (Thanks Alpha Mom).  Click here to view the tutorial on how to make these.  Another good site to get ideas from is:

I have quite a few recycling projects that I took pictures of and am working on.  When I get the time, I will post more ideas on ways to recycle things around the house and on how to recycle packaging.  For now, here is a short list.

Our local recycler accepts cardboard, plastic, tin  and aluminum cans, but not glass.  I have quite a collection of glass jars!  In fact, it gets so large that I have to throw some out from time time…YIKES!  So, I am always looking for great ideas to reuse the jars or repurpose them.  We have made special cake mixes, coca mixes, etc. and poured the dry ingredients into a jar so all the recipient has to do is add eggs, water and oil; or in the case of the cocoa: milk or water.  We also use them to store odds and end hardware like screws, nails, bolts, etc.  Here are some great ideas to recycle glass: Jars=vases, carrying soup, storage.  Glass bottles= Spring time flower arrangements (think gerbera daisies), display in a window.; or; or

  mason jar flowers

I keep all of the Folger canisters I buy and I reuse those to line a shelf inside the kitchen cabinet.  I make labels to recover the canisters and store flashlights, batteries, drawer pulls, and larger items.  Why buy a storage container when you have one to throw away?  I also keep all of the plastic ice cream buckets, butter bowls, etc. and reuse those to package up food leftover from potlucks at our house, and send them home with the guests.  Sometimes, when friends have a new baby, or there is illness, I cook food and put it in the big ice cream buckets and bring it to their house.  That way they do not have to worry about getting us our storage containers or pots back.

My favorite thing to do, is recycle the packaging that curtains and sheets come in.  You know those thick plastic bags that have a zipper, or button?  I use those to store my sewing supplies and the larger ones, I put the whole entire project into it.  For example, if I am making potholders, I will put the potholder material, stuffing, matching thread, etc., all in one bag so all I have to do is pull out one bag and everything for my project is there.  Click here for pictures of that.

Some of the smaller packaging bags that Tshirts, childrens’ underwear, and different things like that come in, I reuse as pencil cases or a mini office to go.  I cut out fabric flowers or paper flowers, (or whatever design you want) and sew them or hot glue them on.  The great thing about these bags are that they are see through.  I am very visual, so I like see through storage.  Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind applies.  The containers that are not see through, I put a large label on so I can readily identify what is inside.

Lastly, I like to recycle hard acryllic plastic packaging.  The kind that toys come in.  I put the cardboard part of the box in the recycling bin and I take the acryllic part and punch out shapes with my paper punches and then use them in a layout as windows.  You can almost recycle everything!

If you have any great reuse tips, please post them in the comments!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  Happy toolbox making!


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