Laundry Room

The laundry does not look much different today.  We kind of took a break for the holidays and to travel to Austin in connection with starting our adoption.  We have all of that behind us now.  I have finals this week and hope to start up work again this Saturday.  Steven installed our pocket door mechanism for the laundry room and found an old door upstairs that we are going to use.  I have to paint it though…bleh….I hate cold weather!  I may be able to talk my darling husband into setting up something in our great hall so I can stay warm while I paint!  I am a true southern girl!  I like the warmer weather.

We went to Ikea when we passed through Houston this past week.  I bought paper lantern shades for the laundry room and five new light fixtures for the kitchen.  I am very excited about this!  I bought the paper shades fully intending to cover them with white flowers or something girly.  However, after I got them mounted, I like the way they look plain.  I will have to post a picture to see what ya think.  I bought two of these shades:

REGOLIT Pendant lamp shade white Diameter: 17 ¾ "  Diameter: 45 cm

These are the ones for the kitchen:

OTTAVA Pendant lamp  Diameter: 11 ¾ " Max. height: 62 ¼ "  Diameter: 30 cm Max. height: 1 m 58 cm

They look pottery barnish.  Since the ceilings are so tall, we went for these.  We bought the super CFLs that give off a lot of light.  It has always been dark in the kitchen.  I hope these fix that.  I had another fixture in mind but, unfortunately, they were the pendant lights you plugged in.  These were one of the only pendants that could be hardwired.  I like them!

We had to get in and out of Ikea quick…otherwise I buy half the store.  Ha!  Since we are saving for our adoption, I did not think a long shopping trip in Ikea would be good for our finances 🙂

All right…back to work.  I am hoping that this weekend yields a new kitchen floor installed and the laundry room framed up.  Wish us luck!


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