Kindle 2 Battery – Defective

All right Amazon, ya made me do it.  I usually have a very good relationship with you and you have usually taken care of me.  However, in this instance, you have FAILED.  It all started out with my Kindle 2 battery not holding a charge about 2-3 months after I received it as a gift from my husband.  I did all of the troublshooting stuff which included turning off my wireless.  When I first received it, I charged it all the way, then let it run down all the way, like the instructions said.  I gave it to my husband, since it was under his name and account, and Amazon gave him the same generic instructions about turning the wireless off.  I looked up the information online to see if I could buy a replacement battery and found out that you cannot replace your own battery that you have to send it in to Amazon and they charge you a fee to replace it!!!!!  So, I have to pay them in order to replace this defective battery!?  I got real annoyed with the whole deal and put my Kindle in the drawer where it has remained for a year.

Since I had some time off last week, I decided to give the Kindle troubleshooting a try again.  I found a place online where they would sell me an Amazon battery and showed me how to install it myself…I was intrigued…  So, I ordered the battery and my husband installed it.  MY KINDLE WORKS PERFECTLY!!!  It was the stupid defective battery all along.  What is worse is, check out this battery.  It is all swollen and puffed.  Something is wrong with this battery.  It is not normal for it to do this.  I tried contacting Amazon quality control and customer service.  I gave them detailed information and AGAIN, I only received generic information back.  For example, this was my last email received about the defective battery:

“I’m sorry you’ve had trouble with your Kindle. Your Kindle is no longer covered by the One-Year Limited Warranty.”

This Kindle was more trouble than it was worth.  I ended up having to fix it myself without any help from Amazon.  I was not going to send it in and pay them to fix their defect.

See how puffed out that battery is?  Something is wrong.  Your Kindle 2 batteries are DEFECTIVE amazon.  For a comparison, here is a replacement battery.  See how flat it is compared to the swollen battery I removed from my Kindle?

replacement battery



6 thoughts on “Kindle 2 Battery – Defective

  1. Give Amazon a call at 1-800-201-7575, in cases like this talking to a person is usually better than playing around with email that doesn’t actually get read on the receiving end.

  2. I had the exact same problem
    my kindle can not be charged! the battery is dead
    I opened it up and found the battery swallen too
    called amazon and they told me that it is out of warranty but the can offer me a new kindle dx for 189$

    I am waiting got my new battery to arrive (31$) I hope it fixes it, I do not want to spend 189$

    • Awesome! Mine has held a charge for weeks! With my new battery that is. That old stupid battery NEVER worked. I am disappointed in Amazon for not taking responsibility and replacing their defective product.

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