Why do smart people never answer the phone?

So, I called my textbook supplier to see if they would still buy back last semester’s books.  I was told by my husband that I may have missed the cut off for selling them back.  I could not find anything on their website about buy backs, so I called the Customer Service number.  This is how the conversation went…SERIOUSLY…..

The girl answers the phone

Me: Yes, I am coming this Friday to purchase my textbooks for this semester.  I want to bring in last semester’s textbooks.  Are you still buying back last semester’s textbooks?

Her:  I THINK we are already done with that.

Me: Ok, well, can you tell me for sure?

Her: Our system is not working right now.

Me: Ok, can I talk to someone else who may know?

Her: I am sorry, what did you ask me?  I was writing something and forgot what you are asking me.

Me: I am asking about your store buying back textbooks from last semester (talking really slow at this point).  Should I just bring them Friday to see if I can sell them back to you?

Her: Ummm….our system is down.

Me: (Looooooong quiet pause)

Her: Well, you are coming in Friday?

Me: Yes.

Her: Just bring them then and maybe someone can tell you then.

Me: Hung up the phone.

I have no more information than when I first called.  I spent money on a long distance call for an idiot to answer the phone and NOT help me. ARGH!


4 thoughts on “Why do smart people never answer the phone?

  1. Thanks! I worried about the ones I have because they are published by NSU (the college I attend). I will check out the ISBNs to see if I can unload them here! THANKS!

  2. Ah, that is a bummer that they publish their own books (unless you get really good deals!). You probably won’t have much luck selling them online then, sadly.

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