Butler’s Pantry Restored

If you have been following the kitchen/laundry addition/restoration of butler pantry saga of the last 2 months, you will know that I have wanted to put the butler’s pantry back in its original home since I bought this house four years ago.  The butler pantry was hacked (and I mean hacked!) out of the wall and put behind the entry door.  It looks strange sitting in my kitchen with no ends on either side.  You can readily tell that it did not belong in the spot where it was in my kitchen.  It took us a couple months to figure out that it was pulled out of its spot in between the dining room and kitchen in order to make room for a washer and dryer.  So, in order to get the cabinet put back, we had to create a space for the washer and dryer.  Thus, the addition of a laundry room came to pass.

Realtor walk through pic

Right before we moved it and put the floor down

The whole kitchen got ripped out and new floor put down.  Click here to see those pics.

So here is the washer and dryer:

Where the butler pantry is supposed to be

My brother came and visited me for Christmas/New Years and decided to take on the butler pantry as his pet project.  He took the cabinet apart, leveled the floor, installed the cabinet, shimmed it to make it level, attached it to the wall and put the doors back on.  It looks great!  Steven and I have to finish it by adding a piece on either end.  No telling what they did to the wood they ripped out originally.  It is hard to find this kind of wood to match, but I think we have a couple pieces lying around that we can use.  After we put the ends on it, we will trim it out and paint it. Not finished, but its got potential, eh?

moved the washer and dryer

put flooring down, leveled the ground

installing the cabinet

shimmed, leveled and attached to the wall

Just needs a little finishing and it is finished!  I am so glad that my butler’s pantry is back in its original home!  We still have a lot more work to do in the kitchen.  The laundry room needs to be sheetrocked and painted, the sheetrock around the butler’s pantry needs to come down to expose the beadboard like I did in the rest of the kitchen.  We need to put down baseboard throughout the kitchen and base shoe.  Not finished yet, but we are getting there.  It may take us another month or two for it all to come together.  I will post the final before and after pics when we are finished.


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