3 thoughts on “Things you never see in Central Louisiana

  1. As someone that lives in central Iowa, I would kill for my house to look like that. Goodness, you even have leaves on those frozen trees! But I definitely understand that for Lousiana, that’s not normal and it can cause problems. Spring is just around the corner though so hold on!

  2. As someone who lives 9 hours north of Iowa, I’m jealous of Iowa’s weather :). But anyways… it looks gorgeous there. Liquid on roadways… I forgot what that looked like. Considering it is well below zero (-10*F at least), I’m excited for the warm day tomorrow. 18*F! Time to break out the shorts.

  3. Ok, ok, I know! The thing is though, you northern folks decided to live up there in the cold snow. I want to live peacefully in the South where the weather is usually pretty warm! Quit sending all your snow down here! Lol!

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