Easter Artist Trading Card Swap 2011

Easter ATC 2011 Swap

I made 10 of these cute little cards for an Easter Trading card swap.  You make 10 and send them in and you get 10 different ones back.  You use them in your scrapbook layouts, to make cards, or just decorate your house with them.

Mine, I hand chalked the black and white image, I distressed the edges, pieced it all together and added a flower, jewel and the word ‘bunny’ for embellishment.  I had lots of fun and thank the wonderful ladies who let me participate!

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Here is the second one I made.  I decided to take another spot since I have so much time on my hands lately.

Faith-Easter ATC


8 thoughts on “Easter Artist Trading Card Swap 2011

  1. I love what you did with the cards. I had a box of them on my storage and what you did just gave me an idea on what to do with them. Thank you so much for the idea! I also love the card at the bottom where you placed a bird’s nest in it. What did material did you use for the eggs?

  2. Hello Beth!
    I used white pom poms for the eggs. I had a pack left over from some other craft. The nest, I made out of twill ties that I cut off of a skirt before I threw it away.
    Thanks for the comments!!

  3. I would LOVE to trade, I just started doing ATC’s and am quite excited about the possiablities they offer! And hey, who doesn’t love getting mail!
    please email me the details, and pass my email on to anyone else that may want to trade.
    I am currently working on some Easter ones as well.

    • Hi Elysia! I participate in swaps on the website TwoPeasInaBucket Dot com If you go there and create a free account, you can participate in swaps, chat on the message boards, take free classes, etc. It is a neat little scrapbooking community. I like it. Hope this helps! There are new swaps starting up all the time. Check it out! I just opened a thread for a tag swap.

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