Florida Governor Signs Welfare Measure

So, I might be a little bit behind in the news, but I sure was glad to read this article!

Reposted from CNN:

Saying it is “unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction,” Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening.

“It’s the right thing for taxpayers,” Scott said after signing the measure. “It’s the right thing for citizens of this state that need public assistance. We don’t want to waste tax dollars. And also, we want to give people an incentive to not use drugs.”

Wow…this is great news!  Any adults applying for welfare will have to undergo drug screening.  Florida Governor, Rick Scott, defends the measure by saying first of all he does not want to waste tax payers’ dollars and secondly “…we want to give people an incentive to not use drugs.”   Well done Florida!  Well done.  Hopefully other states will follow.  If we could pass a law that required persons applying for housing and Section 8 to undergo drug testing too…well then…we might live in a perfect world then. 😉

I particularly liked how he phrased his defense, that it would give drug users an “incentive to not use drugs”.  That is smooth….


Cenla Focus – About Town

About Town Andrea and Donna

I am off for the summer, but I came in to work while Vivian is at Grandma’s house, to help out my employer.   I was flipping through the Cenla Focus and saw my picture…hahaha.  This totally cracked me up.  I knew the photographer was buzzing around but I didn’t know who he was or the picture was going to go.  This cracks me up on several different levels.  Firstly, because people are probably wondering “Who is this chick?”….secondly, because I lend a whole new definition to the term “white”; and thirdly because right under me is my beloved friend, R. R. Sr.  The man who called me up, cussed me out and slammed the phone down in my ear.  Shame, shame.  Let’s just say I was new to town, I had no idea who this family was and I was not trying to make their life miserable, I was just concerned about my neighborhood.

Anyway…it was my laugh for the day.