Last boards going up

Our last fence boards went up today! We started earlier this year, Steven and I, tearing down our old fence and cleaning up our yard. Lowes delivered our new materials and we got to work on putting the new fence up. We decided to redesign the fence lines to give us more room in our yard. Between Steven, me, Alex, Vivian Lillian, Paw Paw and Nana, we dug post holes, leveled, hauled debris, cut down limbs, hauled fence boards, held fence boards, drilled, etc and etc. We got everything up except the long piece in between ours and our neighbors’ house. In order to run that long stretch, it would need almost a bush hog to clear out all the tree limbs, bushes, vines, poison ivy ropes as big around as my thumb and all kinds of other junk.

So, Last week I was whining to a friend about having so many odd jobs around our property that need to get done and how I could not find someone to do the work. I was so happy when he mentioned a handyman company in Alexandria that did odds and end things. I called them right up and here we are three days later with the rest of the fence up!!! It looks awesome! They cleared the jungle and made a path down the fence line. We moved our fence 1 foot over because we own both properties. I am so happy with their work and gave them a whole list of things to do next week. If anyone in the Alexandria area is interested, I will share their name with you.

In other news, I had two carpenters out this week to give me bids on porch repair and fascia board replacement. The roofer gave us a bid and he is waiting on our choice of carpenter so he can get started on the roof. Both of those jobs are going to be hand in hand. While the roof is going on, the plumber is going to run a vent stack for our new bathroom so he won’t have to cut through shingles later on. Still waiting to hear from our electrician.

I am excited, but nervous. It’s gonna be a lot of noise and interruption, but this is what I have waited five years for! I guess I can handle the sounds of progress over the next couple months. Celebrate with me?


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