The Tiny Hall

This has got to be one of the most awkwardest halls ever. There are four doors that swing in to this tiny space. The master bedroom door, bathroom door, Alex’s room door and the door leading to the large (dog trot) hall. This coming weekend my focus will be on refinishing floors in the front part of the house BUT…this hall is my next project! Buh-bye wallpaper!!! There are three jobs that I absolutely abhor. The all time number one most dreaded evil is scraping paint and caulk off of old windows (misery!!!). Followed closely behind that is floating and finishing drywall (ugh!) you can probably guess what number three is…yup! Scraping off nasty old wallpaper that was put up with superman glue. Sigh….I scraped it out of the other rooms. I guess my time of procrastination has come to an end.




Study Finished

And….the tada! Not sure how I went from having the whole room to myself to having a corner. The closet is my new “craft room”. The wood wall was from reclaimed wood from the attic. We had to take up boards to update the electricity and they were too splintered to put back. So we repurposed them here. It also helps make it look less strange that we bumped a wall out to add a bathroom.

The round window seat is so much more user friendly. The light is beautiful during the day and makes for a great place to study.

Now I can say that one room in the house is completely finished! Ha! Next we will move furniture and refinish floors throughout the rest of the house.

Left on our list: update kitchen counters and sink; strip paint from front hall wainscoting to show original burly pine, refinish exterior wood doors, some exterior touch up paint, front flower beds and porch furniture/beautification, and clean up back yard of all construction materials.

We also have the back porch and some brick work to do, but that is being hired out and will be complete this summer. I am really excited about our plans for the back porch. More about that soon.

Thank you to all my friends for their understanding. I have become quite a hermit over the last six months with so many projects going on. I hope to rejoin society again soon…hehe.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. After 6 years we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.