Kitchen Cabinet/Shelving Ideas

So, I can’t find cabinets that I like or that would fit in our kitchen. I received a couple custom cabinet quotes and, well, I am just not willing to pay the price. So, we decided to build some open shelving type cabinets. If you would like to see the kitchen evolving, click on the category “kitchen” below and you can see some of the work done to date.

Right now we are installing counters and I am going to paint the lower cabinets a dark color. Presently we have no upper cabinets. Here are my inspiration pictures of how I want to build the upper cabinet shelving followed by a peek of what is being worked on this week–laying the counter tiles, testing to see if sink fits, a look at what used to be there (ugly red laminate). I am happy with the decision to build our own. This way it will: 1) fit into the space properly; 2) won’t cost a million dollars; 3) I can design it, so I will be happy with it.









Unfortunately they may be tiny. I am publishing from my phone.




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