Back porch deck down

I am so happy with the progress on the back porch today! Here is what has been completed today. Steven has a pattern for a rail he would like to build, so he will be working on and building the rail in the upcoming weeks. Plus, after our carpenter is finished Thursday, I will pressure wash and start painting the ceilings, columns and siding under the porch. In about 3 weeks, after the boards have cured, I’m going to stain the deck. Super excited!!!!

I’m going to see if I can talk my hubby into building me one more planter for the back and, while he is at it, turning the 100+ year old cypress boards they took up, into a long bench. One can always hope, right! .









Coming soon: new back porch!

My back porch is being worked on by a wonderful, wonderful carpenter! If anyone needs any precise work done, I have a number for you!

Yesterday the column and brick wall that was sagging was mortared and restored. Today, they are taking off the porch boards, putting down traditional deck boards and repairing a column. After they are all finished, I will take another picture. Then I’m off to pressure wash, stain, prime and paint for the final ta-da picture!!!!!