More back porch progress

A few more progress pics for the back porch. Over the last three days I have scraped old paint, sanded, puttied, primed and painted the porch columns and siding. I have a little bit of touch up to do and the inside of the windows and screen door, but here is our progress so far:








3 thoughts on “More back porch progress

  1. Your home is beautiful! I just bought a home, too, that needs different kinds of work. Everyone keeps saying, “Well, you did buy an old house,” but it makes me crazy because my last house was over 100 years old, had oodles of charm and was in great condition. My new house has some great features, but so many ugly parts, it’s depressing sometimes. I am looking forward to making it beautiful. I had the aggragate floor taken out of the hallway and will put carpet in as soon as I paint the bedrooms. If you have any suggestions for choosing paint, I’d love some, because I can’t seem to pick a color to save my life! The only color I’m starting with is one I mixed myself for my girls’ room in the old house and I want the same one here.

    • Sorry, I am just now seeing this! We have been in our house for 6 years, so i know it can be depressing at times. BUT, it won’t be long before you slowly start working on your home and seeing the progress. As far as choosing paint, goodness, my husband would laugh…I painted the hall with five different stripes of paint one time because I could not decide. After a couple weeks of looking at the colors, I picked one. Same with the bedroom. It had like 3-4 colors splotched here and there on the wall. Over the years, I have gotten better at choosing paint based on how much light the room gets and what colors will work with the next room. Sometimes the best thing to do is find a card at the home improvement store that has 3-4 analogous colors that you like and go with that. Paint is cheap. I have found that if I don;t like it, I can always paint again later. I have repainted 3 rooms in my house over the 6 years to get it closer to a shade I like. So, I am not so sure my advice is any good! LOL. I also found that buying curtains first helps choose a paint color. When we moved in, I painted some rooms immediately because they were depressing forest green and burgundy. Then, after a year or so, I found or made curtains which did not compliment the paint, so I had to paint again. Good lucK!!

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