4 thoughts on “Back Porch, just needs a rail

  1. What happened to the original railing and balusters that matched the ones on the front porch? Were they not suitable to re-use? I grew up near there in the 60’s, knew the owners a little, and remember there was a large dormer over that back porch that was crushed when a pecan tree fell on the house during a storm. The porch was screened, and the elderly couple spent their summer evenings on the porch in their wicker chairs.

    • You must be thinking of another house. There was never a dormer on the back of our house. Also, both long time owners were single women. Ms. Lawhon would have been in her 50s in the 1960s and she never married.

      As for the porch, the rails that were there were completely rotted through as was most of the flooring, but thank you for your concern.

  2. Ms. Lawhon’s husband was Zack…he had a wholesale grocery business. There was in fact a dormer…it was right over the back porch. When the tree fell, I remember my mother talking to her about the water damage to her rugs in the hall.

  3. Not to be argumentative, but the records I have show that Ms. Lawhon never married. She passed away as a single lady. The census records also reflect only her as living in this house and that she was unmarried. Also, if you are in the attic and looking out the back where a dormer would have gone, there is absolutely no evidence a dormer ever being there. If you look at the original floor, there is no evidence that a dormer had ever been there. The dormers are 10 feet wide by about 13 feet tall. When you look at the area in the attic, only the original roof supports are there. There is no re-work carpentry and all the 100 year old boards run from one end to the other. I really think that you must have another couple and house in mind. Thank you for your comment though.

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