Pinterest Christmas Sign

I found this idea on Pinterest.

and made this with a leftover board and paints. I bought the letters at a local craft store. I have one in the works that will say NOEL and Ho!Ho!Ho! They are about four feet tall and I can’t wait to lean them up on the front porch.
I am glad I found some use for these old fascia boards and half cans of paint. I prefer to reduce, reuse, recycle before sending it all the a landfill. Soon though, I am going to have to clean up my yard and anything I cannot reuse will have to go. I have already donated what I can to Habitat for Humanity and to friends for their Misc. projects. We are thinking about renting a wood chipper and reduce the non treated boards into mulch. If that ever comes to fruition, I will come back with a follow up post. Over the next few weeks I will post some of the things I made with the construction leftovers.

Happy early Christmas!




Front house work

Last weekend, we decided to tackle the jungle bush in the front yard. Unfortunately, the azaleas could not be saved. After digging deep, we found a huge wisteria vine and poison ivy ropes bigger around than my thumb. We got tired of battling the ivy and always having to cut it back, so we pulled everything up! That did not go over very well with our neighbors since they know the azaleas have been here 50+ years.

We decided that the only way to get rid of all of the wisteria and poison ivy, we had to take it all up. Here is the base of the wisteria vine!

Here is the after pic. We are going to wait until next spring to plant the flowerbeds. This is what it will look like until then.


Yesterday, I decided to paint the top of the porch rail black. I like how it came out. I procrastinated for so long because I could not envision it. It is not easy to paint over black if you change your mind. But, I am very pleased with the outcome.