Pinterest Christmas Sign

I found this idea on Pinterest.

and made this with a leftover board and paints. I bought the letters at a local craft store. I have one in the works that will say NOEL and Ho!Ho!Ho! They are about four feet tall and I can’t wait to lean them up on the front porch.
I am glad I found some use for these old fascia boards and half cans of paint. I prefer to reduce, reuse, recycle before sending it all the a landfill. Soon though, I am going to have to clean up my yard and anything I cannot reuse will have to go. I have already donated what I can to Habitat for Humanity and to friends for their Misc. projects. We are thinking about renting a wood chipper and reduce the non treated boards into mulch. If that ever comes to fruition, I will come back with a follow up post. Over the next few weeks I will post some of the things I made with the construction leftovers.

Happy early Christmas!




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