Brick work finished!

A couple posts down I talked about my difficulties in procuring a bid for the brick skirt around my house. The contractor I referred to came no less than five times, gave me a bid, called me, changed his bid, scheduled a date to work, then called and rescheduled. At that point, I told him to not come back. Luckily, a man I knew who is a brick mason, but specializes in walkways and landscaping, agreed to come and do my work. Even though it was not his specialty, he was so kind to help me out and he did a GREAT job. His name is Joe Moore if anyone in Alexandria/Pineville is in need of a brick contractor.

He repointed all the bricks and he filled in the massive holes where the bricks were crumbling and cats were getting under the house. I am sooo pleased!!!






^^^ that used to be one big gaping hole.

After this work was complete, we laid trash bags along the perimeter of the front to kill the grass and get it ready for landscaping.



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