1808 Bungalow Before and After

I had a wonderful time today at our annual Historical Association Christmas party.  It is always nice to meet people who are like-minded and to discuss preservation and the future of our city.  I was reminded again today that I never posted pictures of the first bungalow redo that Steven and I took on.   After looking at them, now I realize why I probably did not let these out…they are hideous!!!!  Even though a lot of them are disgusting, I did not post the really bad ones.  They are just not for polite eyes.  🙂  So, without further ado, here are the pics.  This is for you Brittany!  (You probably won’t be flattered by that after you view the pics…haha)

BEFORE front

AFTER front


AFTER side

BEFORE kitchen

AFTER kitchen

BEFORE kitchen

AFTER kitchen- we have since retiled the counters too

BEFORE dining room


IN PROGRESS dining room

AFTER dining room

BEFORE living room

BEFORE living room

BEFORE living room

AFTER living room

AFTER living room (looking into dining room)

BEFORE Sunroom back door

IN PROGRESS sunroom/backdoor (we painted the door and refinished the floor)



AFTER hall

BEFORE entrance to bathroom (took down the weird hall addition to the bathroom down and added a small closet laundry area)

AFTER weird hall gone, laundry added, new door frame to bathroom

BEFORE bathroom (this is one of the better pictures...seriously)

AFTER bathroom

BEFORE bath tub (UGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

AFTER bath tub

BEFORE back bedroom

AFTER back bedroom

AFTER another back bedroom.  Vivian was three when I painted this room and when I opened the can she said "Broccoli!!!"As you can tell, I didn’t take very many pictures of this redo and the ones I did take, were not very good.  However, I think you get the drift.  This house took us nine months to complete from start to finish.  We had extensive inside and outside work.  We had a new roof put on. It had termites really bad, had to get that treated.  When we first bought the house, we went in with gloves up to the arm pits and clothes covering everything (If I owned a pair of waders…I would have had them on!).  If you think these are bad, I have some pics that are worse.  We found a drowned possum in the bathroom.  Apparently a family had been living in the attic.  Squirrels would get in the attic too!  Yikes….  I don’t think we ever saw a rat.  We had lots of holes we had to fix.  We also redid all of the flooring, adding new to the kitchen, refinishing the floors in all of the other rooms.  We added a new front door.  Painted and caulked every surface.  Paint, caulk and quarter round will cure a lot of ugly….

We cleaned up the yard and pressure washed the house.  We painted the outside window frames, door and door frame.  Too much to list here.  We did it all!

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!