Happy Birthday Vivian!

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet darling daughter Vivian!  Or is that 25th Birthday?  Dunno…. Sometimes I wonder!

Last night, in the midst of trying to do math homework (Yay me!), I was baking cupcakes.  I sent Steven and Vivian out for a while so I could de-grump.  🙂  I was pretty grumpy due to homework (that I did not understand) being due and baking a million cupcakes.  Well, that’s an exaggeration.  It seemed like a million.  Anyway, when Vivian got home, she put the plate of teacher’s cupcakes on the table because she wanted to put sprinkles on them.  I had already iced and decorated them.  Vivian left the kitchen and the dog (Taavi) found the cupcakes.  Needless to say, I found him in his kennel and knew something was wrong (remember my posts about Houdini? He does not willingly stay in his kennel).  When I found the plate of demolished cupcakes, I understood why he put himself in time out!  He is going to be soooo sick today!  So, I had to make mini cupcakes with the batter I had left for the teachers.  Who knows, maybe they will appreciate the smaller portions!  See, Taavi was looking out for their health. 

However, if he had to find something to eat, I would have preferred it been my math book.  I think with the proof of him eating my floor (in a previous post) would have gotten me off the hook with my teacher, ya think?  Taavi has taken to chewing on the wood floor too.  I don’t know what has gotten into him!  I had to put a big piece of clear tape over a small place in the floor.  It appears that someone dropped a heavy piece of furniture and chipped the floor in this spot.  Taavi found the spot and started pawing at it, like he was digging for something.  Now he has made a 1 inch hole, a 2 inch hole!  Dumb dog….how can you love and hate your dogs equally? What a contradiction.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Vivian.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN!


The hard life of a first grader #2

Two or three posts down you will see what happened when I left for a minute and told Vivian to continue her homework…she fell asleep.  We were sitting in the study, both doing homework, when it got very quiet.  I looked over and Vivian had fallen asleep sitting straight up in her chair…lol.  Poor darling. 

Vivian sleeping during homework time

She gets the ability to sleep anywhere, at any time, no matter what else is going on around, from me.


Vacation 2010 Southwest

It has been a long 10 days, but we are back!  We visited Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, back down to Texas and then on to home sweet home, Alexandria, Louisiana.

Here are a few pictures of the places we visited.  It was a lot of fun!

1st set is the GRAND CANYON, Arizona

2nd set is LAKE POWELL, Page, Arizona

3rd set is the beach of LAKE POWELL


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Camping Checklist

Ok, so we are planning on going camping this summer. I finally talked my husband in to taking me camping and, not only that, but in a tent!  When we broke the news to her, Vivian looked at us dubiously and said “There aren’t any hotels at the Grand Canyon?”.  To that, we chuckled and then explained, later on when we were shopping for a portable stove at Academy, how we will cook some of our food outside on the grill.  To that, Vivian exclaimed “There are no restaurants either???????”.  HAHAHA….uh-oh!  We may be in trouble there. 

I was making a list the other day of items we need to buy/bring/pack and then I compared my list with my husband’s list.  It went kinda like this:


Packing for Camping Checklist:

Canned goods
Nonstick cooking spray
Granola bars
 Water cooler Dishtowels
Cooking pan
Small sauce pan
Cooking utensils
Can opener
Tea kettle
Bug repellent
First aid kit
Tylenol/pain relievers
Hand sanitizer
Hand soap
Baby wipes
Duct tape
Matches and lighters
Toilet paper
Ziploc bags
Plastic grocery store bags
Trash bags
Rope, cords or wire
Extension cord
Egg crate mattresses
Sleeping bags
Extra Blankets
Knife to cook
Pocket knives
Picnic set (plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives)
Dish soap
Dish sponge
Washcloths and towels
Wire coat hanger
BBQ utensils (spatulas, etc)
Hand held broom
Clothes pins
Plastic tablecloth
Citronella candle
Camera and equipment
Power strip
Reservations for campsites
Laundry detergent
Camp chairs
Beach shoes
Tubes (in case we go tubing)
Outdoor toys (frisbee, balls, kite)
Vivian: whistle
Sippy/snack cups
Coffee Thermos 

Steven’s List:


Well, I guess he has the basics.  It looks like I am about to set up camp on the prairie.  All I need is a covered wagon and some horses. 

We are planning on camping at the Grand Canyon two days, Page, AZ two days; Monument Valley, UT two days; and somewhere in Colorado for two days.  Getting excited!

Exercising the Dog

I heard the thumping of feet and the clicking of claws in my hall and decided to go see who was making all the racket and why.  I was met with the sight of my daughter running up and down the long hall with the dog on her heels.  I asked her what she was doing and she promptly told me that the dog was getting fat and that he needed to be exercised..lol…so that is what she was doing.  Excercising the dog.  From the pictures, you can see that it probably was the other way around…the dog excercising her!

Exercising Taavi

Keep up, girl!

I swear this dog is part rabbit