Before and After: Master Bathroom

This is a really fun one. This bathroom was so awful. We will start with the realtor walk through pictures and then show pictures of present. We just completely gutted and updated the bathroom this year. In the middle are pictures where we put down some vinyl and updated it a little and that is the way it stayed until this year, 2015, with all new plumbing, flooring, closet, etc.


Yes, there were swinging bar doors to the toilet….

Here are a few pics of what I tried to do to make it look better.


Then, my brother¬†ripped out the toilet, flooring, lighting, ¬†bathtub, etc. and put it all back together again. We lowered the ceiling a couple feet so you didn’t feel like you walked into a cracker box every time you passed over the threshhold. We also added a fan, new beautiful ceramic flooring in a chevron pattern. We also gutted the closet and put a new door in and re-engineered the shelves.