Twitter Ain’t So Bad

calvin short attention span

For the past few months, I have been monitoring the use of Twitter and how it can work fora blog.  I have come to the conclusion that it “ain’t so bad” after all.  I definitely do not want to sign up my cell phone for Twitter updates.  I would never get anything done and I believe my employer would fire me!  Twitter on a cell phone, to me, is probably the biggest cause of short attention span and ADD.  Not to mention, I really don’t want a bunch of disconnected sentences from random people.  I do see where it can be useful for a blog.  In the instances where you do not want to waste an entire post on a very brief thought or subject, you can just “twitter” it.  On the other hand, I am intimidated by Twitter.  I do not want my time wasted and I do not want to burn brain cells on trying to figure out what the person meant.  So, I try to make my Twitters short and smart.  That’s not easy to do in 140 characters.  I added it to my blog yesterday, so I am testing it out and we shall see what happens!


Louisiana House Bill 27: Right to Carry Concealed Weapons on College Campuses

I see that CentralLaPolitics has beaten me to writing about this topic.  I am in favor of this bill passing.  It is not easy to get a concealed weapon permit.  To see the criteria you must meet in order to obtain a permit, click here.  I don’t know about you, but I feel safer having a gun in my house.  I don’t have a concealed weapons permit, but I have not yet ruled that out.  Times are getting worse and, if the economy tanks out, I might follow through with obtaining a concealed weapons permit.  I prefer the odds on my side.  Most (I did not say all) persons who go on shooting sprees steal or borrow guns from friends or parents.  I would much prefer a gun in the hands of a person who has had to jump through hoops to obtain a permit, than trust the yo-yo on the street who obtained their weapon on the black market.  I find the argument against it interesting.  I can somewhat sympathize with colleges and universities not wanting to turn their campuses into a bedlam of gun toting thug wannabes, but to leave thousands defenseless and vulnerable to senseless execution?  Sorry.  Don’t see it.  A person who really wants to create havoc or shoot up a college campus, will find some way to do it.  Usually, the law abiding ones who follow the rules and obtain permits legally, are not endeavoring to inflict harm.  Their main purpose is protection.  However, I do note that although later touted as mentally ill, Cho, the Virginia Tech killer, did have a concealed weapons permit.

Just my random thought for the day.


PS In response to this:, hopefully none of it was intended towards me.  But, if it was, I do not copy and paste news for blog hits.  I don’t post anything for blog hits.  In my About Me section, it clearly says that this is a personal blog mainly for my own and my extended family’s interest.  I do note that some Cenla bloggers have linked to my blog.  This was not because I asked them to.  I am still surprised that anyone finds anything worthwhile to read since my blog is mainly a family/renovation project blog.  I do rant about certain things in Cenla, but hey, don’t we all?  I think the only reason that my blog was picked up on some of these other sites is due to the controversy last year with Ratcliff.  Otherwise, I think I would still be carrying on with my same ole limited subscriber anonymous blog of the past.  I do not consider my blog journalistic AT ALL.  If anyone is looking for up to date news, IT IS NOT HERE.  🙂