Old House Burn Out…..

I have just not been motivated lately to get a project going or to keep up with my blog.¬† ūüė¶¬† I am apologizing more to myself more than to you.¬† I need to get off my tush and get it together.¬† It seems though, that when you fix one thing, another breaks.¬† We should have been tipped off early when we first bought our house that this would be the norm.¬†¬†Right after moving in, in the middle of winter, the heater died, we had to buy a new HVAC unit….our plumbing sprung leaks, our dryer died (ok, this one had nothing to do with the house) and it all adds up.¬† Not that I thought I was going the cheap route¬†by buying an old house…are you crazy?¬† You have to have a love and a passion for these old things.

Sigh…¬†¬† When we first moved in, we were plied with offers from our friends to help paint or “whatever you need”, but those offers are becoming scarce these days — if not totally extinct.¬† My brother used to plan his vacation days/weekends around coming to help us out.¬† I guess we burnt him out too!¬† He got tired of me saying “Oh, one more thing”…”Can you put this up too?”¬† He especially hated “that’s crooked, where’s the leveler?¬† Can you redo it?”¬† ūüôā¬† Usually after that he handed it all back to me and wished me luck.¬† (I love you Jonathan!!!)

Anybody have some tips to get motivated again?¬† Its fall time, so I know that the winter blahs are about to set in.¬† Sigh…..¬† An old house is just like a child.¬† You think you finally get to a point where you can safely skate through a few days, and then your whole world comes tumbling down when it¬†sends you an unexpected¬†curve ball.¬† I guess I am just tired of trying to work around the bad floor plans, the cast iron vent stacks imbedded in the bathroom walls, the staircase behind a door that leads up to the second floor, no laundry room, no closests for storage — and no easy solutions to any of it.¬† Sigh…

My biggest problem is having to start on the inside first.¬† I much rather would have given the outside a facelift and add immediate curb appeal.¬† However, since winter is approaching, we will not be able to get to that portion until next Spring.¬† Being a woman, the outside of my house and how it looks is just as important to me as the inside.¬† Many people pass by my house and I want them to think how wonderful my house looks rather than see the pink (yes pink) painted trim and the rotted boards and feel sorry for me living in such a dump.¬† Hahaha…..

Anyway, I guess I am done feeling sorry for myself.¬† I am going to get up now, kick myself in the tush, and start on a project.¬† More pictures of the progress to come….