City of Alexandria, District 1 Council Race

I would like to congratulate Ed Lavardain for winning the District 1 council race.  Sir, you have your work cut out for you!  I appreciate Mr. Lavardain’s education, positive attitude and beautiful manners.  When given the opportunity on camera, he never bashed his opponent or said a derogatory word.  That is commendable. 

I have to say, I was very nervous about the council race and not sure who would be the better candidate.  I did not know either man personally.  Michael Bordelon, even though he is probably a nice man, came across as being snobby and a “I am tired of those people, we need to put them on notice and kick out drugs” Dolores Brewer wannabe.  Sure, our area has its own set of unique problems, but by putting everyone in a box and not looking at ALL of the complex issues will not improve our neighborhood.  I don’t think Mr. Bordelon made any friends on this side of the neighborhood.  Mr. Bordelon did not even show his face or campaign in this area either. 

Mr. Lavardain beat the streets and ran a very clean, grass roots campaign.  I received several printed informational fliers from Mr. Lavardain’s camp and saw many of his campaigners walking the streets.  Kudos to anyone who works hard for their seat.  I look forward to working with Mr. Lavardain and hope that he has some progressive plans for rebuilding and restoring our once proud neighborhood.