Father’s Day Card

Daddy, I love you...THIS MUCH!

Well, this is posted a little late, but we made a really cute Father’s Day card for Paw Paw and Steven this past Friday.  Vivian and I wanted it to be accordion style, so we thought out a design and then put it all together.  This is how it came out.  I let her put it together herself.  I thought it was very cute.

First we used my Cricut and cut out a dog from the cartridge Paper Dolls.  I think he is

 about 5 inches tall.  Then we cut off his head….lol.

Cricut Cartridge: Paperdolls

 Then we made the dog a collar cutting a small strip of paper from a leftover scrap and punching out a red dot for his tag.

Next we took at 3×3 square punch and from scrap paper, punched about 8-10 squares.  I absolutely love this punch.  It is one of my favorite tools.


Next we mounted the bottom half of the dog on an index sized white piece of scrap paper.  We took the squares (the quantity depends on how long you want it to fold out) and turned them over and taped them together.  Vivian didn’t tape hers precisely (you know, she is only 5!) and that is why some of them are odd shaped.  But, if you tape them where they DO NOT overlap, they will accordion fold.  Then we attached the head of the dog to the top of the chain of paper and folded the squares.  We glued the bottom square to the body of the dog.  We sat there trying to figure out how to keep the folded squares together.  So, we came up with the idea of creating paws (Since we cover his paws up with the sign).  We cut two paws from scrap paper and this allows you to tuck the accordion fold behind it.

We attached a PULL tab to the dog’s ear so the recipient would know how to open the card.

LOL….I am looking at this picture.  Apparently the H fell off…hahahaha…..oh well.  You can write a message or use stickers to make a different message.  Or if you have a different dog on a cartrdige you could open the card landscape instead of vertical like we did.

Anyway, we had fun making our project.


Cute and Easy Father’s Day Brag Book

Last week, I went to Target to pick up a couple supplies to make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day brag books.  For Mother’s Day, I made small memory books out of the 8×8 albums they had in the dollar bin.  Unfortunately, the only color album they had was pink and pink just won’t do for Father’s Day gifts!  So, as I was browsing the dollar bins, the idea of using notecards for mini albums popped into my head.  I bought two packs of notecards, each had 8 in a pack.  This is how I put together a small Father’s Day brag book.  This little book is perfect for the tons of wallet size prints you have leftover from all of those school and Christmas packages you purchase throughout the year.

1. I took 6 of the cards and put them together.  If you use a set of notecards that has different patterns on them, put them in the order you want the design to appear.  The cards I chose are all the same pattern.


2. I lined the blank notecards with leftover scrapbook paper.


3. I punched holes in the same place on each end of the notecards.


4. I cut the ribbon that came with the notecards in half and laced it through the holes on each end and tied a knot.


5. I took one of the seals that came with the notecards (for you) and put it on the center and then used other stickers I had to spell out “Me N’ Pop” (Pop is Vivian’s grandfather).


6. I cut out pictures of Vivian and Pop, along with misc. other pictures, and glued them on the inside of the book.  I also let Vivian write a note to Pop and draw flowers.  After all, it is her present to Pop.





(the fronts of the notecards double as a background for the pictures and embellishments)


7. I also bought a pack of 6 gift card holders from the dollar bin.  I used two in the Mother’s Day albums (that I neglected to take pictures of…sorry 😦 ) and I am using the two with ties in the Father’s Day albums.    It says “Pop’s Special Things” and Vivian fills it with things that she thinks Pop will like.  Another idea is to put any extra wallet size prints you have in it.


8. On the back, I made a little tag and stamped it with a stamp I had made for Vivian when she was about two years old.  It says: Made especially for you by: Vivian Warren.  I made the tag, then I put it through my xyron sticker maker and stuck it on the back.  Or you can just glue it to the back.


The final product:


The thing I like most about it is that it stands up.  Easy to display!

I thought I would share this with you in case you would like to make a quick but cute gift for the father or grandfather in your life!