Sarcastically said of course.  It all started out with me wanting a new floor.  Yes, I talked the husband into that and we bought the floor which has sat in our hall for about 2 months or so.  Then it morphed into taking the cabinets down, then came the laundry room addition…which lead to us putting the butler’s pantry back in its spot….so…I guess this is all my fault 🙂

Kitchen gutted

But, things are looking up.  After a brief interlude to celebrate Turkey Day, I painted the laundry room purple (yes, purple, I don’t know why…ok?), and Steven framed up the laundry room and put down the floor.  He is currently, as I type, running the plumbing and electricity.  He told me that next time I ask for “just a floor”, he will have to think loooong and hard about it. Hahaha….

The same wall...cleaned and primed (Super duper KILZ!)

Painted and the floor down

The framing going up!

It is funny to me, when I transfer pictures to my computer, to find pictures Vivian took.  In fact, 62 of the 115 I transferred were hers.  Here is a random sampling from Vivian the Photographer.


Gee...this is scary!

This is cute...


Hello toe!

Well, I better go check out the plumber/electrician to see if he needs any help. 


Our Hall

While I am in a sharing mood, I will post pictures of our hall floor.  I do not have the time or money right now to sand down all of the floors in our house and refinish them, so I bought some Restor-a-finish from Lowes and followed it up with a nice beeswax.  You rub the restor-a-finish into an unpolyurethaned (not sure if that is a word) floor and it covers scratches and scrapes until you can completely have your floors redone.  It looks nice!  I only did half of the hall and you can tell where I stopped!

See the difference?

See the difference?

See, I do work sometimes...

See, I do work sometimes...

hall big house

hall dogtrot restor a finish