The Holidays Are Coming!!!

And what exactly does that mean?   Well, for me, there are too many things to do!  I need to re-weatherstrip my house so my utility bill is not bigger than my house note, I need to paint the spare bedroom I have been putting off doing for two years now (especially since everyone meets here at my house for Christmas), I need to assemble the Eastlake style king size tester bed from Steven’s aunt and get out the baking pans!

Since Steven’s aunt sold her bed and breakfast earlier this year and relocated to a small two bedroom apartment, she had a lot of furniture she needed to get rid of.  As of last month, she had a large dining room set and a tester bed set complete with the armoire and side tables to still get rid of.  I looked at the dining table.  It was very curvy and too Victorian for my taste.  I liked the bedroom set, but I feared that it would be waaaaaaaaay out of our budget to purchase.  Finally, after there were not any takers for the bedroom set and the price was just right, we decided to go ahead and make the splurge.  Steven and his family are going to go disassemble the monstrosity this Sunday.  I say “monstrosity” very affectionately.  You have to have large furniture in our house so the thirteen feet ceilings won’t swallow it all up.  I am excited about the bedroom set!

I guess that brings me to my point, somewhat.  Since the bedroom set is arriving this Sunday and the only place to put it is in the spare bedroom, I had to get busy scraping the horridly ugly mint green border off of the peach walls.  I think, that if I was faced with the decision of choosing to either replumb the whole house with nothing but a “how to” book and a wrench or scrape the border, I would have chosen the former.  I HATE wallpaper and further, I HATE scraping the nasty mess off.  When we moved in, there was a border in every room.  I am thankful that my brother scraped most of that nonsense off of the walls, but he left the two worse rooms for me to do.  One was the living room.  I swear someone superglued that sucker right onto the sheetrock!  The other was the spare room.  Although, I finally got smart this time around.  Instead of spraying the vinyl, peeling it off, then spraying the paper underneath and scraping it off, I just peeled off the vinyl, bought an orbital sander, and sanded the paper right off the wall!  BRILLIANT!  Now, why didn’t I think of that sooner?  It worked like a charm.  I do have a bigger mess to clean up, but I was finished in half the time and the tool did all of the work…not me!

Now, not all of my ideas have endings as positive as the above.  But, I do have to admit that the sander idea was brilliant!  It saved me several hours of yelling, griping, whining and fussing at the stubborn wallpaper.  Ideas like the one above is usually why my husband does not leave me home alone for long periods of time.  Usually my experiments get a little out of hand and he comes home to a bigger mess than before.  I will have to tell you the story about the ladder one day…..

Anyway, I am in the process painting the spare room “Lime Light” by Behr.  It is a light blue with a turquoise tint.  I hope to be done by Saturday so we can move the furniture in by Sunday.  I know that if I don’t paint it now, it will never get done.  I mean, how do you disassemble a full Eastlake bedroom set and move it out of the way to paint?  It is now or never!  Here are the before pictures and the “in-process” pictures.  When I get it done, I will post a follow up.













Have a great time preparing for your holidays!!!!!