Children in Handumanan, Philippines

You may remember me talking in July about having a school supply drive at our VBS.  The kids at our church packaged up the boxes and wrote letters to the kids in the Philippines.  We had such a great time and a tremendous outpouring of hearts during that week of VBS.  The school finally received our supplies and here are a couple pictures.  I love these kids!

This has truly made my day.


Big Life Announcement: We are adopting!

Yes, this is a big announcement!  Steven and I (and Vivian!) have decided to adopt.  We have talked about it many times.  We have finally decided to go ahead and take the leap of faith to get the process rolling.  If anyone knows of someone or has adopted before, you know that it is a long process and it is also expensive.  Please check out our new blog chronicling this process at:

If anyone is interested, we will soon be listing items that will be available for purchase to help us offset the cost of adoption.  Thanks to everyone who has wished us well!  We are very excited and cannot wait to welcome another child to our home!


Nothing like a 6 year old to make you feel stupid

Its 15 mom...

Ok.  So, Monday I started working on my Science assignment for this week.  I read some of the problems, answered the ones I could and then put off the ones I needed to understand a little bit better before answering.  I read one of the questions that was stumping me out loud yesterday to Steven to see if he knew what calculation I needed to make.   It was about Relative Motion.  I understood the whole fixed object thing.  Steven was not sure either, so I emailed the instructor.  Vivian looked at me after I read it and said “15”.  I said “oh ok Vivian, (whatever)” 🙂 

Today, after receiving the formula I am supposed to use, I drew a diagram using the word problem and figured out the relative velocity.  Do you know what the answer was????????????????  15!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes, it was 15.   After pondering it for 3 days, emailing the instructor, drawing it out on paper and doing the calculation, I came up with 15.  Three seconds after I read the problem to her yesterday, Vivian came up with 15.  What is wrong with this picture????  I am going to quit college and send her.


Happy Birthday Vivian!

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet darling daughter Vivian!  Or is that 25th Birthday?  Dunno…. Sometimes I wonder!

Last night, in the midst of trying to do math homework (Yay me!), I was baking cupcakes.  I sent Steven and Vivian out for a while so I could de-grump.  🙂  I was pretty grumpy due to homework (that I did not understand) being due and baking a million cupcakes.  Well, that’s an exaggeration.  It seemed like a million.  Anyway, when Vivian got home, she put the plate of teacher’s cupcakes on the table because she wanted to put sprinkles on them.  I had already iced and decorated them.  Vivian left the kitchen and the dog (Taavi) found the cupcakes.  Needless to say, I found him in his kennel and knew something was wrong (remember my posts about Houdini? He does not willingly stay in his kennel).  When I found the plate of demolished cupcakes, I understood why he put himself in time out!  He is going to be soooo sick today!  So, I had to make mini cupcakes with the batter I had left for the teachers.  Who knows, maybe they will appreciate the smaller portions!  See, Taavi was looking out for their health. 

However, if he had to find something to eat, I would have preferred it been my math book.  I think with the proof of him eating my floor (in a previous post) would have gotten me off the hook with my teacher, ya think?  Taavi has taken to chewing on the wood floor too.  I don’t know what has gotten into him!  I had to put a big piece of clear tape over a small place in the floor.  It appears that someone dropped a heavy piece of furniture and chipped the floor in this spot.  Taavi found the spot and started pawing at it, like he was digging for something.  Now he has made a 1 inch hole, a 2 inch hole!  Dumb dog….how can you love and hate your dogs equally? What a contradiction.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about Vivian.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN!


The hard life of a first grader #2

Two or three posts down you will see what happened when I left for a minute and told Vivian to continue her homework…she fell asleep.  We were sitting in the study, both doing homework, when it got very quiet.  I looked over and Vivian had fallen asleep sitting straight up in her chair…lol.  Poor darling. 

Vivian sleeping during homework time

She gets the ability to sleep anywhere, at any time, no matter what else is going on around, from me.


Father’s Day Card

Daddy, I love you...THIS MUCH!

Well, this is posted a little late, but we made a really cute Father’s Day card for Paw Paw and Steven this past Friday.  Vivian and I wanted it to be accordion style, so we thought out a design and then put it all together.  This is how it came out.  I let her put it together herself.  I thought it was very cute.

First we used my Cricut and cut out a dog from the cartridge Paper Dolls.  I think he is

 about 5 inches tall.  Then we cut off his head….lol.

Cricut Cartridge: Paperdolls

 Then we made the dog a collar cutting a small strip of paper from a leftover scrap and punching out a red dot for his tag.

Next we took at 3×3 square punch and from scrap paper, punched about 8-10 squares.  I absolutely love this punch.  It is one of my favorite tools.


Next we mounted the bottom half of the dog on an index sized white piece of scrap paper.  We took the squares (the quantity depends on how long you want it to fold out) and turned them over and taped them together.  Vivian didn’t tape hers precisely (you know, she is only 5!) and that is why some of them are odd shaped.  But, if you tape them where they DO NOT overlap, they will accordion fold.  Then we attached the head of the dog to the top of the chain of paper and folded the squares.  We glued the bottom square to the body of the dog.  We sat there trying to figure out how to keep the folded squares together.  So, we came up with the idea of creating paws (Since we cover his paws up with the sign).  We cut two paws from scrap paper and this allows you to tuck the accordion fold behind it.

We attached a PULL tab to the dog’s ear so the recipient would know how to open the card.

LOL….I am looking at this picture.  Apparently the H fell off…hahahaha…..oh well.  You can write a message or use stickers to make a different message.  Or if you have a different dog on a cartrdige you could open the card landscape instead of vertical like we did.

Anyway, we had fun making our project.