“Yeah…I still hate sheetrocking”

So my husband says after a couple hours of hanging drywall.  We both abhor hanging sheetrock, mudding and the whole nine yards.  Not that it is hard to do, we just don’t like it.  You may remember that we closed in the laundry room over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The room has not been touched since then.  Mostly because we have both been waiting on the wall to miraculously sheetrock itself.  Didn’t happen.  So, my dear husband decided to get up and sheetrock the outside wall this morning.  Yay!  I have just been hanging around taking pictures.  This is his progress thus far:

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Since it is a beautifully sunny day…in the 60s, my dogs have found a sunny spot in the house to hang out in.

The dogs sun bathing

Here is the start of the project in November, here is the update in December where we put the light fixtures up and we also put the floor down in the kitchen.  After we sheetrock, I will be able to put the baseboard down around the whole of the room, and I may paint our cabinets.  We also need to trim out the butler’s pantry.  It has been so cold lately, who is in the mood to work?  🙂  Also, in other news, if you are following our adoption, we almost finished with our home study.  We are very excited about that too!


Butler’s Pantry Restored

If you have been following the kitchen/laundry addition/restoration of butler pantry saga of the last 2 months, you will know that I have wanted to put the butler’s pantry back in its original home since I bought this house four years ago.  The butler pantry was hacked (and I mean hacked!) out of the wall and put behind the entry door.  It looks strange sitting in my kitchen with no ends on either side.  You can readily tell that it did not belong in the spot where it was in my kitchen.  It took us a couple months to figure out that it was pulled out of its spot in between the dining room and kitchen in order to make room for a washer and dryer.  So, in order to get the cabinet put back, we had to create a space for the washer and dryer.  Thus, the addition of a laundry room came to pass.

Realtor walk through pic

Right before we moved it and put the floor down

The whole kitchen got ripped out and new floor put down.  Click here to see those pics.

So here is the washer and dryer:

Where the butler pantry is supposed to be

My brother came and visited me for Christmas/New Years and decided to take on the butler pantry as his pet project.  He took the cabinet apart, leveled the floor, installed the cabinet, shimmed it to make it level, attached it to the wall and put the doors back on.  It looks great!  Steven and I have to finish it by adding a piece on either end.  No telling what they did to the wood they ripped out originally.  It is hard to find this kind of wood to match, but I think we have a couple pieces lying around that we can use.  After we put the ends on it, we will trim it out and paint it. Not finished, but its got potential, eh?

moved the washer and dryer

put flooring down, leveled the ground

installing the cabinet

shimmed, leveled and attached to the wall

Just needs a little finishing and it is finished!  I am so glad that my butler’s pantry is back in its original home!  We still have a lot more work to do in the kitchen.  The laundry room needs to be sheetrocked and painted, the sheetrock around the butler’s pantry needs to come down to expose the beadboard like I did in the rest of the kitchen.  We need to put down baseboard throughout the kitchen and base shoe.  Not finished yet, but we are getting there.  It may take us another month or two for it all to come together.  I will post the final before and after pics when we are finished.


Update on Laundry Room

Progress is slow…we have been busy enjoying the holidays.  My lights have been installed in the laundry room.  I love the simplicity of paper shades and the beautiful way they diffuse the light.  Steven also finished the refrigerator alcove and moved the refrigerator.  We have karaoked our hearts out.  I think we will attempt trying to install the sliding door later on when we get bored.

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Kitchen Cabinet Color

Oooh…I just found this picture.  I like this cabinet color too. 

I also posted this picture:

Here is the kitchen now

Keep in mind the above is an old picture from about 2-3 years ago.  I have nixed a lot of the clutter and streamlined what I have on the counters.  I want to keep my paint color, I really like it.  So, the green I paint the cabinets will have to look good.  I am going to have to go to the paint store and pick up paint cards.  I would like to change out the shades too.  For a long time, I did not cover the windows.  But, the sun comes in pretty strong through that window for several hours in the afternoon and you are blinded if something is not up.  I want something a little more modern to counter the country-ish feel.  I do like the country kitchen…but I also like modern.  I need to try and marry the two.

Here are my light fixtures for the kitchen.  I have five of them. 

OTTAVA Pendant lamp  Diameter: 11 ¾ " Max. height: 62 ¼ "  Diameter: 30 cm Max. height: 1 m 58 cm

I am excited!


Kitchen Floor is down!!!

Ok, I know these pictures are slightly premature, but I am so excited that I have a new floor that I have to share it with the world!!!  Gone are the ugly floor tiles that were cracked and crumbling.  I am so happy!  We still have spacers where the sheetrock will go around the laundry room frame and we have to put the cabinet back in the space and trim the whole room with a baseboard and quarter round. BUT, doesn’t look good?????

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Hmmm…I like this kitchen

Do I see cabinets getting painted in the future of our kitchen?  Hmmm…….

This Old House top kitchen redo

This Old House kitchen makeover

This is what it looks like presently.  After we get our new flooring laid (similar to the floor above), a fresh coat of cabinet paint, new paint on the walls and some new shades…BAM!  We are in business.  Just don’t tell my husband.  Cause this all started out with me wanting a new floor…only….  🙂

So far, I have gotten a new laundry room, new plumbing, new electricity with everything on its own circuit, new flooring and new lighting.  If I mention paint too, he might have a heart attack.

Laundry Room

The laundry does not look much different today.  We kind of took a break for the holidays and to travel to Austin in connection with starting our adoption.  We have all of that behind us now.  I have finals this week and hope to start up work again this Saturday.  Steven installed our pocket door mechanism for the laundry room and found an old door upstairs that we are going to use.  I have to paint it though…bleh….I hate cold weather!  I may be able to talk my darling husband into setting up something in our great hall so I can stay warm while I paint!  I am a true southern girl!  I like the warmer weather.

We went to Ikea when we passed through Houston this past week.  I bought paper lantern shades for the laundry room and five new light fixtures for the kitchen.  I am very excited about this!  I bought the paper shades fully intending to cover them with white flowers or something girly.  However, after I got them mounted, I like the way they look plain.  I will have to post a picture to see what ya think.  I bought two of these shades:

REGOLIT Pendant lamp shade white Diameter: 17 ¾ "  Diameter: 45 cm

These are the ones for the kitchen:

OTTAVA Pendant lamp  Diameter: 11 ¾ " Max. height: 62 ¼ "  Diameter: 30 cm Max. height: 1 m 58 cm

They look pottery barnish.  Since the ceilings are so tall, we went for these.  We bought the super CFLs that give off a lot of light.  It has always been dark in the kitchen.  I hope these fix that.  I had another fixture in mind but, unfortunately, they were the pendant lights you plugged in.  These were one of the only pendants that could be hardwired.  I like them!

We had to get in and out of Ikea quick…otherwise I buy half the store.  Ha!  Since we are saving for our adoption, I did not think a long shopping trip in Ikea would be good for our finances 🙂

All right…back to work.  I am hoping that this weekend yields a new kitchen floor installed and the laundry room framed up.  Wish us luck!



Sarcastically said of course.  It all started out with me wanting a new floor.  Yes, I talked the husband into that and we bought the floor which has sat in our hall for about 2 months or so.  Then it morphed into taking the cabinets down, then came the laundry room addition…which lead to us putting the butler’s pantry back in its spot….so…I guess this is all my fault 🙂

Kitchen gutted

But, things are looking up.  After a brief interlude to celebrate Turkey Day, I painted the laundry room purple (yes, purple, I don’t know why…ok?), and Steven framed up the laundry room and put down the floor.  He is currently, as I type, running the plumbing and electricity.  He told me that next time I ask for “just a floor”, he will have to think loooong and hard about it. Hahaha….

The same wall...cleaned and primed (Super duper KILZ!)

Painted and the floor down

The framing going up!

It is funny to me, when I transfer pictures to my computer, to find pictures Vivian took.  In fact, 62 of the 115 I transferred were hers.  Here is a random sampling from Vivian the Photographer.


Gee...this is scary!

This is cute...


Hello toe!

Well, I better go check out the plumber/electrician to see if he needs any help. 


Even my dog hates this floor

I was sitting at the island in my kitchen, doing coursework on my laptop, when I heard a crunching sound.  I looked over and not only had my dog chewed a floor tile in my kitchen, he had it in his mouth and was walking (although quite awkwardly) away with it.  All I could do was laugh. 

My dog ate it

Apparently he has had enough of this floor too. I was not joking when I said my dog was half goat.  I have the replacement flooring sitting in my hall waiting for install day.  I picked out a nice oak laminate flooring.  We are going to redo the kitchen.

The bathroom is almost finished.  The new vanity we constructed is in the kitchen waiting on the plumbing parts to arrive.  Hopefully, we will be able to install it next Saturday and I will have the TA DA pics to post.  I know I have been working on this crazy bathroom for three months!  I am ready for it to be finished.

Happy Saturday!  Oh, before I leave, here is my random Vivian pic of the week.

Cowgirl Viv


Remodeling supplies taking over the house

One day, I am going to reclaim all of my catchalls and cabinet space.  It seems that the paint cans and screwdrivers creep in one by one from the shed and never make it back to the nice cozy home we made for them on nicely organized shelves.  In an effort to keep all of the various “things” from being left in the house, Steven and I, last Spring, spent an entire Saturday sorting everything into rubbermaid containers and Vivian labeled them all for us.  Unfortunately, this has not stopped the items from encroaching.  Just like unruly kids, I already have had to chase the caulk out of the bathroom….

I am trying to coax the nail gun from its resting place in the hall, but the ladders are rooted to the floor and wont budge.  Hmmm…..