New fence and laundry room organization

So we are getting back into the swing of things…post-adoption and boy, are we doing it! Steven has been working hard putting up a new fence and I picked out a few organizational items for the house. Namely, laundry room storage. Steven just this morning put up shelves and a clothes rack! If you want to see the before pics, click on the tag Kitchen and scroll through the transformation.

Last weekend Vivian helped me plant some geraniums (my favorite!) in the permanent flower urns on the porch. Spring fever is burning in the Warren house! I have several projects that I am putting into the works for this year.












“Yeah…I still hate sheetrocking”

So my husband says after a couple hours of hanging drywall.  We both abhor hanging sheetrock, mudding and the whole nine yards.  Not that it is hard to do, we just don’t like it.  You may remember that we closed in the laundry room over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The room has not been touched since then.  Mostly because we have both been waiting on the wall to miraculously sheetrock itself.  Didn’t happen.  So, my dear husband decided to get up and sheetrock the outside wall this morning.  Yay!  I have just been hanging around taking pictures.  This is his progress thus far:

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Since it is a beautifully sunny day…in the 60s, my dogs have found a sunny spot in the house to hang out in.

The dogs sun bathing

Here is the start of the project in November, here is the update in December where we put the light fixtures up and we also put the floor down in the kitchen.  After we sheetrock, I will be able to put the baseboard down around the whole of the room, and I may paint our cabinets.  We also need to trim out the butler’s pantry.  It has been so cold lately, who is in the mood to work?  🙂  Also, in other news, if you are following our adoption, we almost finished with our home study.  We are very excited about that too!