Patio table facelift

Sometime back in May, I bought a patio table and 4 chairs from a friend who was looking into buying something newer. I knew that our back porch would need to be outfitted after all the work was completed. The chairs were sans cushions, so I had to find some that would fit. Also, the top of the table had warped linoleum tiles. I took off the linoleum tiles and discovered that the top was concrete board. So, my daughter and I decided to adhere mosaic and other misc. leftover tiles from our various projects onto the top and use some leftover grout (from her bathroom remodel) onto the top. I wish had a before picture, but I guess I didn’t give it much thought. Here is a picture after we adhered the tiles and the second one is after it was grouted and installed on the porch. Ta-da!



And, as you saw previously, here are the chairs with their new cushions.