The Great Hall Makeover Part 1

We decided a couple days ago to tackle the floors in our massive hall. After a trip to two home improvement stores plus a tool store, I finally got underway about 1 pm. I really had some ambitious plans today. It didn’t help that the stain color we did the rest of the house in was discontinued…along with the brand of polyurethane that I love. Argh! Lots of reading cans, looking at color samples and deliberating later, I came home with some stuff I think will match pretty well.

Here are the pics from the day. I’ll finish staining the other side tomorrow and maybe poly Monday or Tuesday.

Cleaned all the stuff out the hall.


Sanded with a high grit, down to a low grit.

Cleaned all the powdery dust. This is the most annoying part. I have to sweep several times, mop, tack cloths, the whole nine yards.

All clean

Starting the stain…more tomorrow. Time to eat!

PS: Right after this pic, I told fuzzy to get off my floor!



The Study Evolution

Just finished putting the last coat of poly on the floor. I’ll be able to move in next week. Yay! These are the pictures of the study evolution from the first being the realtor walk through picture and the last one is from today. I will take more pictures after I move in and get everything settled. But, I love before and after pictures and know you do too. Here you go!


Study after paint.  I want new paint though!  What color?  What color?

This is the way it stayed until late last year


This is how it looked for the past 5-6 years. The junk/scrapbook room.


Bumped out Vivian’s bathroom, removed the fireplace. It didn’t work. All of the chimneys were removed at some point in the past.


Recycled 100+ year old wood pieces to make a wood interest wall. Plan to put up shelving to house our book collection.


Interest wall stained and polyurethaned


Sanding the floors getting ready for stain and poly


Started staining to see what the color would look like. Minwax Red Chestnut.



The color came out pretty good, nice and even


Time for poly!


Looking pretty good!




This picture shows the biggest difference in the floor. Can’t wait until it dries. I am trying hard not to go in there and touch it.

Now, on to refinish the floors in the rest of the house!  This was the “test” room.