Town Talk Out-scooped


In September of 2004, I gladly traded the one horse town without a horse [Provencal] for a two horse town [Alexandria]. Even though Alexandria has a decent sized population, apparently we are just not newsworty enough to write about….or write for…for that matter. Around January, I discontinued my subscription to the Town Talk. Besides the basics, obituaries, a couple of complaint letters (some absurd that do not even make sense, I mean, who selects these things to publish?), a few thin stories and some hype about council meetings, I really did not feel that I was getting a) my money’s worth; b) anything worth reading, c) objective reporting. I felt that I could get the same news online, through other blogs or from the nightly news.

Tonight, I decided to check out my old home paper, The Times Picayune.  Oh, do I miss that publication!  The Sunday paper could be recycled and used as a doorstop.  In reading the TP tonight, it makes me wonder why the TT has not run this story:  U.S. Soldier kills five fellow soldiers, or this one: Panel approves bill to protect bicyclists or Bill to require backseat seatbelts  passes house.

You are being outscooped TT.  The stories may be on the horizon, however, I have already read them from other sources.  A lot of readers, due to the advances in technology and Twitter, want to be in the know instantly.  Where is the cutting edge newspaper of the past?  Lately, it seems, the TT has not lived up to their reputation.  Hopefully, I will not appear in next Sunday’s editorial like poor Lamar did.  🙂  But, in order for that to happen, someone important would have to read my blog…no worries here. 

In fairness, I have enjoyed the historical pieces published.  Not all of them have been accurate, but close enough to not have to point out the errors.  All in all, Alexandria deserves better reporting, up to date stories, interest pieces, World news, and on and on.  I am not sure what the problem is, whether it be the budget, the higher ups, the reporters….not sure.  But, if the TT wants to be a competitor in today’s fast paced, technology driven news market, they need to get hip.


As a PS, I would like to point out that Cynthia Jardon stated that the reason the TT, which is owned by Gannett, did not submit any entries to the Louisiana Newspaper Association’s  annual competition was due to a business decision since it costs a lot of money to enter 24 categories…yada yada…  So, I have one question, then why did the Monroe Newstar, which is also owned by Gannett, submit entries?  Puzzling….  I just can’t figure it out.  Someone please explain…I know I am blonde and all….  I note that Cenlalight is perplexed too.