Turret Plans

I received my plans for the turret yesterday!  YIPPEE!  My house currently does not have the turret.  It met its demise approximately 50+ years ago during a rain storm.  Since it was a nonfunctioning room, the previous homeowners did not know that it was mostly rotted.  During a wind storm, a pecan tree fell on the turret and its 40+ year reign came to a halt.

The architect who made the plan, peered over his glasses at me and  said the rebuilding of the turret is going to be “expensive”.  I always find it humorous when someone assumes that we don’t know what we are getting into.  I guess because of our age, both of us are under 30, people think we are a little crazy and we have a hard time convincing contractors, architects, etc. that we are serious.  My husband and I both have excellent, good paying jobs, but…I guess we look broke 🙂

I think it “throws” people when they arrive at our house to give us an estimate.  They look at the present condition of our house and think “these people are too poor to live in a nice new house” and write us off…we usually never hear back from over half of ’em.  It has taken almost a year to find a good contractor who is willing to help us out on the heavy lifting.  We are doing/have done a lot of the work ourselves, but we are just not equipped to move a wall and rebuild a turret…we had to throw in the towel and call in the big guys for that work.

Well, now that I have the plans, it doesn’t look too hard.  I just might rebuild the turret myself 😀 HA!