What does “home” mean to you?

Ok…school was cancelled Thursday due to the ice and snow. Today, the high is 74 degrees. What gives? Even though we have strange weather here in Louisiana, I still would not trade living in this state for any other. I have to admit that Louisiana is not the greatest state or the forerunner of anything (that I know of), but it is the only “home” that I have ever really known. I have often pondered moving to other states. I prefer warm climates, so living up North would be out. If I ever decide to move, it would definitely have to be somewhere in the South. What Louisiana lacks in mountain views and stable weather, it makes up in hospitality and good ole “caj’on” eating.

To me, “home” is hot summers with the promise of popsicles, rainy days with possible flash floods, a winter that only lasts 2 months, wearing flip flops from March to October (you probably could wear them in November too, but I have not been able to bring myself to do it…yet) and southern hospitality where everyone you run in to asks “howya mama and dem?” So, tell me, what does “home” mean to you?