Can we say SNOOZE! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

I think if you took the last 12 years of debates, photoshopped the new candidates heads onto the previous candidate’s head…you would pretty much have the same thing we saw last night.  When asked a specific question which requires a specific answer, or maybe even a “yes/no” question, it seemed that either candidate could not simply deliver just that — the simple facts or the specific answer.  They open their mouths and out comes blah blah blah…and the things THEY want to talk about.  Boring…  A few of the questions were answered well, but for the most part, after the candidate opened their mouth and started talking, the normal American person was lost and completely forgot what the question was because everything coming out of the candidate’s mouth did not seem to be relevant or connect to the issue that was brought up for discussion.

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe McCain and Obama are suffering from campaign fatigue and stress and they forget the questions too.  Hahaha….  I saw McCain writing the questions down and he seemed to stay more on point than Obama.  I didn’t see Obama write anything down.  That’s neither here nor there.

I also thought it was hilarious when the political analysts and advisors got on the tube after the debate saying:  “Political analysts will pick up on the subleties of the issues and the connotations each candidate made during the debate”.  One also said that you would have to have a thorough knowledge of each camp’s policy in order to pick up on some of slight references each parties made regarding the issues that were briefly discussed.  HELLO!  I think if the candidates would answer the questions, we would not have to read between the lines or guess at what they were inferring.  My favorite part of the debate was when McCain jokingly gave a, “Maybe” to a “yes/no” question.  Sigh…..

Oh well.  I know who I am voting for:  JOHN MCCAIN/SARAH PALIN.


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