– Promotion of Nonpayment of Taxes

Reposted from my Myspace blog.

Ok, so this is my second blog today.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a lot on my mind.  I have passed by these signs that said “TruthAttack.Org” for a long time now and I finally decided to check out what exactly “truth attack” was all about.  Some of you may know this, but is a group, not sure if it is a nonprofit…(that raises another interesting question…what is their Federal status as an entity?) couldn’t find that information on their website, that promotes nonpayment of Federal taxes.  They believe that everything they earn is theirs to keep and that the government is stealing all of our money.  They also purport to have law on their side showing that they do not have to pay any income taxes.

Now, I was quite interested by this, working in the law profession and all, and decided to check out the law that they cited.  The law that they cited they were trying to misconstrue the meaning for which the law was written or find a loophole to fit their situation.  It was a bunch of rubbish.   This theory has been shot down in highest of courts.  I would like to say, that I am an avid believer in taxes — I don’t want to be overly taxed, but I do believe that every U.S. citizen SHOULD pay taxes.  Why, you ask?  If you think about it, just about every U.S. citizen (if not all) partake and enjoy some type of federal or state government subsidized program.  For example, police, fire department, 911, public school, public parks, public transporation, all branches of the military, Homeland security, highways, Corps of Engineers, FEMA…the list could go on and on.  Do you know how many federal dollars subsidize programs in our area?  Numerous! 

So, to all the people who do not want to, or stopped paying taxes all together (most of the ones who stopped paying all together are in jail for tax evasion.  That is something they don’t tell you on their website) this is what I have to say to you:  I hope that your house is never burglarized, it would be a shame if you called the police as you don’t help pay their salaries.  Never send your child to a public school, never call the fire department if your house catches on fire; don’t go swing on the swings at the public park, do not go visit a public library, please don’t go vote; and hope and pray that the U.S. is not attacked, because since you don’t believe you should pay taxes, we would not be able to pay the military and if we cannot pay the military, then the U.S. is completely defenseless.

If you want to exercise your rights, then exercise your right to vote.  We as U.S. citizens have the right to vote for or against a tax.  If you don’t vote, then sit down and shaddup!  🙂


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