Purse Snatching in Alexandria

A 29-year-old Pineville woman told police someone grabbed her purse from her arms as she was walking into an Alexandria store Tuesday.

The woman told Alexandria Police that around 3 p.m. she left her car to go inside Big Lots, 3200 Monroe St., when a man came up from behind her, hitting her in the head and knocking her down. The man grabbed her purse and took off in a white car.
A witness to the incident told officers that he saw the man get into a vehicle with several other men, wait for several minutes and then he got out and grabbed the woman’s purse and took off.”

Wow! I witnessed that. It looked more like a domestic dispute than a purse snatching. I almost parked next to her, but her truck was parked so crooked and across two spaces that I didn’t. I parked across. They were talking, then all of sudden her scarf went flying and she started dialing on her phone. I figured it was an argument and that she was calling the police. I didn’t realize her purse was snatched!


***I called the police and gave them what I saw.  The woman was supposed to go in for two days now to make a full report and to list what was in her purse.  As of today, she has not done so.  Maybe it was a domestic dispute…it seems like the officer had similar thoughts to mine.  Sure didn’t look like a purse snatching to me.  Especially since she got up, jumped in her crooked parked truck and sped off like a demon without waiting for the police to come to the scene.  I did not see a purse on her shoulder or arm when they were talking.  I grabbed my phone to call police, saw her dialing and thought she had already called.  I got out to see if she needed help, but she had already jumped in her truck to leave.  It is interesting though, what is reported in the paper makes people feel unsafe, when the truth is, there probably was not a purse snatching at all…..anyway…..

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