No Comments?

On the rare occasion I pull up the news to peruse what is going on in our small little world (Alexandria, that is), I always find something humorous, such as this:

Public declines to comment about getting utility rebates from Alexandria-Cleco deal

Members of the Alexandria City Council were prepared to listen Tuesday to the public’s suggestions about rebates stemming from the resolution of the city’s fraud lawsuit against Cleco Corp.

Residents weren’t prepared to speak, however.

A handful of people showed up at Tuesday’s public hearing on rebates, and none of them signed up to speak, even as City Council President Roosevelt Johnson asked them to share their thoughts.

Wow…. No one bothered to sign up to speak to express their opinions directly to their public officials.  Instead, they sign in to their Town Talk account and leave comments incognito….which is up to 4 pages right now…and counting.  What does that say?  To me, it appears that a lot of people like to talk ‘smack’ here in Alexandria while hiding behind their computer.  Real tough guys (and maybe gals)…..  The only thing I could think of that is worse is people who whine about public policy, state officials, representatives, congressmen, etc. but they don’t get off their tush to go vote….that’s just half-witted.


2 thoughts on “No Comments?

  1. Andrea, I think there’s a bit of Alexandria everywhere. Superman in private, Clark Kent in public.

    Rob Hanson of the Chrislip Journal

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